EVolve your experience.

Focus on enjoying the journey and let the car get you there, worry
free. The best car takes you to your final destination while you enjoy
your seamless experience safely and hassle free.

We are committed to being the first carbon neutral car
rental company in the world through our sustainable
programs and initiatives.

We want to give an eco-friendly choice for renting a car while building the largest all-electric car rental company in the world.
Our commitment is to be a leader in sustainability by providing
more opportunities for our team, clients and partners to make
a difference locally and globally.
How? For every rental, we plant a tree. For every new customer, we plant an additional tree. For every new car purchased, we plant trees as well. We are committed to being the first carbon neutral company in the world through our sustainable programs.

Meet the

John Marino


Tim McNiff

Executive VP of Communications

Josh Lund

Senior Director
Of Business Development

Why EVolve


Everything we do must leave the people, community
and environment better.


Demonstrate moral and ethical principles that
embody "doing the right thing" in every relationship,
in every way..


Encourage, collaborate and be inclusive always.
Growth and learning is in our DNA to create an
environment for individuals to receive recognition for
their efforts that embody our core values continuously.


Be selfless in your time, your expertise and your
finances in ways that are unexpected and truly acts
of kindness.


Improve the quality of life that protects our ecosystem
by preserving natural resources for future generations.


Do what you love along with others who share the
same vision and vigor.


Act with intent to be better and do more that benefits
others around you mentally, physically and emotionally.

Let's drive change, together.

Why it works

We’re working with the non-profit Eden
Reforestation Projects to plant 1 tree for
every car rented at Evolve.

Calculate your
carbon footprint.

Do you want to know if you pollute more or
less than the average person?