Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions​

The minimum purchase is $100 for 100 pixels.

When you “buy” pixels you will not “own” any part of the homepage and/or website. You are granted the right to submit an image and link which will then be published on the homepage in the respective space you have paid for.

If your image and link are published on the website, you cannot get a refund.

The site will be online for a minimum of 10 years.

No obscene, offensive and/or adult images or links will be accepted. If your link is accepted and later change the website to obscene, offensive and/or adult orientated then the link from your image will be deleted and you will not get a refund.

If you want to remove your link in the future you can send an email and the link will be deleted. No refunds will be given at any time.

Images must be the exact size of the pixels purchased. They may be GIF or JPEG format. Images are not allowed to be animated.